Grand Rapids

Apply for your dream home today!

No Felonies in the Past 7 Years

If you have had a felony in the past 7 years, we unfortunately will not accept your application.

No Evictions in the Past 7 Years

If you have a had an eviction in the past 7 years, we unfortunately will not accept your application.

A Credit Score around 600

We accept applicants with credit scores around 600 but can be flexible depending on the application!

$45 Application Fee

Fit all the requirements, all it takes is $45 to apply to your dream home!

Looking to Apply for a Home? We Need The Following!

You’ve found the perfect property, now you just have to apply:

This $45 application will be judged on the following criteria. Credit report, applicant income, criminal record, landlord references, and previous evictions. The information provided will be verified and underwritten by American Realty Property Management.

  • When filling out an application, the information being filled out must be the information from the person filling out the application.
  • Any person(s) planning on occupying the property, must fill out an application. City of Grand Rapids does not permit more than 4, unrelated people to occupy a home together.
  • CO-SIGNERS: Fill out an application and add your co-applicant to the “Additional Applicants” section.
  • Your application should have your name and personal information on it. In the event, you do not have paystubs or a job, you will need to submit an image (we prefer animal pictures) in order to submit the application.
  • Application Fees are non-refundable.

***One application, from a person who will be occupying the property, must be completed prior to placing a deposit. We do not accept co-signers as the initial application to place a deposit.