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Renter’s Application

  1. Place a deposit on a home. Include full name, phone number, email address and property it is for. We accept check/money order dropped off at our office and made out to American Realty.
  2. Submit one application. All remaining applications will be due once the deposit has been approved. All applicants, including Co-Signers, will need to pay a $45 application fee.
  3. And that’s it!

You’ve found the perfect property, now you just have to apply!

This $45 application will be judged on the following criteria. Credit report, applicant income, criminal record, landlord references, and previous evictions. The information provided will be verified and underwritten by American Realty Property Management.

  • When filling out an application, the information being filled out must be the information from the person filling out the application.
  • Any person(s) planning on occupying the property, must fill out an application. City of Grand Rapids does not permit more than 4, unrelated people to occupy a home together. Co-signers will have to fill out their own separate application.
  • Your application should  be your own personal information.
  • Application Fees are non-refundable.

***In order to process an application, A DEPOSIT MUST BE PLACED FIRST. Once the deposit is placed, we will process your applications for approval. We do not accept co-signers as the initial application to place a deposit.”

Tenant Card

Coming Soon


Documents can be changed on a case by case basis. Please read any documents published to you before signing. Reach out to an American Realty Representative for the most up to date information.


Property management is a service provided for property owners where a management company manages all facets of the property; from leasing, to rent collection, to payment distribution, maintenance issues, and tenant issues.

Our company does not own the houses we manage; we were hired to do a service for the property owner to act as the property manager.

At this time, we do not inventory houses that are available as a rent to own option.

Each house is different and each property owner has the discretion to allow pets or not.

You can always reach out to our office by calling the main line at (616) 913-9004 or emailing the general inbox; You will be directed to the appropriate person and they will be able to assist you.

Follow the link on our website or go directly to and log in with your username and password and submit a Maintenance Request on there.

You can contact us at or call us at (616) 913-9004!

It’s a mixture of both! We have an in-house maintenance team but we utilize a handful of outside vendors for other services.

You have access to your live portal 24/7. Your Owner Portal can be accessed by selecting the login at the top of the screen. You will have access to an array of reports pertaining to your properties.

Each member of our team has a special role in our company’s structure and success. Our dedicated team members are in positions which best fit their skillset. This allows us to better serve our clients and customers. It takes a team to run a successful property management company, and we strive to be leaders in the industry.

No, you only have to pay a prorated amount, which will be half of your normal rental payment.

  • No evictions in the past 7 years
  • 2.5x rent verifiable income
  • Credit score 600+

Check the available properties for information regarding showings!

Once you place your deposit, the current tenants have three (3) business days to decide if they would like to renew. If they do not renew, we will notify you and reach out with the following steps regarding lease signing/etc. If they do renew, you are able to get a full refund on your deposit or transfer the deposit to another AR property.

No there is not.

Yes, you may get a tenant replacement. You are responsible for finding your own replacement, but once you do please contact our office for more details.

Yes. Please call the office to inquire about the cost. You can submit your request through the maintenance portal.

No. The City of Grand Rapids only allows for 4 unrelated people to be on a lease. Even if the home you are wanting to rent has 5 bedrooms, it does not mean we are allowed to rent it out to 5 people. If you are related, please let the city know, and then provide us with that information.

Your security deposit return will be postmarked within 30 days of your lease end date, and
will be mailed to the forwarding address provided.

Security deposits are not to be used instead of payment of rent, since the purpose of a security deposit is to pay for any damage caused by the tenant or their guests. If you do not pay any rent, including the last month you are in the unit, you will be subject to eviction proceedings.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month. If it is not paid on time, you will receive a $50 late fee on your account for the month that you are late.

Please provide a written note from your doctor. Once we receive that we will provide you with a Pet Agreement Form to be filled out and handed back in. This is an agreement with the roommates to have the animal in the home. The fee will then also be waived.

No. The security deposit that you place is for when you move out of the property. You will still need to pay first month’s rent when you move into the property, as this will not be part of that payment.

No. Section 28 of your lease states:

Renovations and Remodeling. Tenant agrees not to make any repairs or alterations to the Premises, including repainting, remodeling, driving nails in woodwork or walls, using any adhesive items on walls, without written consent of the Landlord. The Landlord will not pay for remodeling, decorating, or any work of this kind contracted by Tenant, unless authorized in writing prior to the beginning of any renovation or remodeling. The Tenant further agrees not to remove any furnishings, fixtures, or appliances without written consent of the Landlord.

Your property will be ready by your lease start date. Request for early move ins cannot be accommodated. In the event that the property is available earlier, we will notify the future tenants immediately.

The fireplace in all of our properties is a “decoration” and should/can not be used for actual fires.