Present Over Perfect

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager

So, next week is Spring Break for most of you. If you don’t have anywhere to go this Spring Break, or even if you do, I suggest reading a book for fun. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I read all the time for class, why would I want to read a book for fun?” I actually used to think the same way, but, now that I am a little older, I have found SO MUCH joy in reading.

Spring Break is an amazing opportunity for you to rest, relax, and have a little fun. If you’re staying home, find a cozy place in your home, make yourself a cup of coffee, grab your softest blanket, and escape in a book. If you’re traveling to a tropical oasis, grab a beach chair, a fruity drink, and catch a few rays as you escape in a book. Either way, again, books give us the opportunity to escape for a little while, which is what you deserve after the semester you have had so far. kindle-381242_960_720

While it doesn’t matter exactly what you read, make sure that it is something that interests you. Perhaps you love fiction. My go-to is usually fiction because I love the imagination and creativity in fiction novels. I typically fall in love with the characters, shed a few tears as they endure their struggles, and find that most novels have happy endings that leave me feeling a sense of happiness as well. My husband, on the other hand, enjoys books about golf. He absolutely loves golf, so I decided to pick him up Arnold Palmer’s book for our cruise next week; I know he is going to love it, even though he is someone who usually doesn’t read very often.

This year, I have decided I am going to bring the book, Present Over Perfect, with me over my trip. I actually already started reading it because 1) I am really excited about it and slightly nerdy, and 2) because I know it is going to encourage me in so many areas of my life. As the marketing manager, I am always looking for ways to grow in my career. While I do read books about marketing and the creative process, I know that the book, Present Over Perfect, will also help me in my role at American Realty, and in my everyday life. Sometimes, we tend to get caught up perfecting the details, when we should be looking at the big picture. So far, I have found that Present Over Perfect teaches its readers how to be present instead of worrying about the future, and how to create a new, realistic idea of how to approach work and life in general. This book might even be a good option for you! It literally outlines how to relax!presentoverperfect

I encourage you to allow yourself to relax over your break. Escape in a book; it might be just what you needed.

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