Ed Dryfhout

Maintenance Coordinator
(616) 726-5748

Ed Dryfhout is the maintenance coordinator at American Realty. He handles the coordination of maintenance activities, from the moment a request is made and follows it through to dispatch one of our technicians, progress on the job and billing out once complete. He previously spent 33 years in the waste industry before coming to American Realty. With his background in maintenance of heavy equipment, it was interesting for him to explore another path in investment property maintenance. He is a very blessed husband, father and grandfather. He has 3 children and 4 grandchildren and really enjoys spending time with all of them and their families. He likes all outdoor activities with an emphasis on motorcycling, biking, running and boating. He has one unusual quirky talent, he can ride a 6’ tall unicycle. It’s a real crowd pleaser!