Eastown bills itself as “the hippest neighborhood” in Grand Rapids!  Their eclectic mix of shops, bars, eateries, and residents makes Eastown the place to be.  Are you the active and adventurous sort?  Start your day off with some Hot Yoga at The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse.  Members swear by its benefits and fun.  Wolfgangs offers some of Grand Rapids most delicious breakfast foods.  The Uncle Ron’s Skillet menu choice is a local favorite and is a breakfast packed with more potatoes, breakfast meats, cheese, and eggs than you can imagine. At night grab a drink and listen to live music at Billy’s, and follow it up with a stop in to Yesterdog. Their world famous chilidogs in steamed buns are served in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that cannot be beat.  The pictures of patrons wearing Yesterdog t-shirts around the world are plastered all over the walls next to memorabilia from the 50’s and before.  Care for one of the best pizza’s in Grand Rapids?  Stop by Harmony Brewing, and try a pizza with one of their house made craft beers.  Eastown is also the home to the picturesque campus of Aquinas College.  Aquinas College is an “exceptional Catholic liberal arts college that prepares individuals for careers of leadership and service in developing a sustainable and just global community” With new shops going up constantly, Eastown will soon be the hippest neighborhood in Michigan…or maybe it already is?