Did you say coffee?

By: Kirsten Mann, Marketing and Communications Intern

College students love coffee; there’s no questioning that. We spend long hours studying for exams, waking up early for class, and staying up late at night to work on homework, so when we need a little pick me up, coffee seems to be the simple solution. The only thing keeping us going is a burst of energy that we get when we drink it. Our minds are tricked into thinking that sleep isn’tdownload necessary and the only real energy we need is from a cup of coffee. 

Now, not every college student has this mentality. Some college students enjoy getting their 8 hours of sleep at night and don’t find themselves relying on
a cup of coffee to keep their heads up and their minds going. Some students find it relaxing just getting a coffee and catching up with a friend at a local coffee shop. Whether you’re the student who needs coffee to function, or the student who just wants it to relax, there are a lot of unique coffee shops around Grand Rapids that offer the fix you need. Some of my favorites are:

When you need your coffee fix, where do you venture to in Grand Rapids?

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