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Grand Rapids Food Adventures Part 1

By: Jared Behrens, General Manager I am no foodie, but I sure do love food, and I love food indiscriminately.  I don’t care if I am eating a $5 burger or a $50 steak, both have their gastronomical place in my heart.  I have been thinking long and hard of what I should be writing […]

426 Lafayette – Tragedy and Rebuilding

As mentioned in my last post, the history of 426 Lafayette takes a dark turn after being split into a multi-family home.  This post has been excruciatingly hard to write.  I want to accurately depict the tragedy that occurred- but be sure to respect the victims and those so tragically affected.  The story I am […]

426 Lafayette – The Early History

Some may have seen that I have recently been posting a lot of pictures of a home at 426 Lafayette.  I have an opportunity to have an inside view of the transformation of a very old home with an extremely interesting past.  I have spent a considerable about of time researching this home, its origins, […]

Crafting My Life Away

Okay crafters, this one is for you! One night while I was binge watching Netflix, and looking on Etsy for a house warming gift for my brother I found some wall-mounted bottle opener’s. They were all priced around the $40-$50 dollar range without the astronomical shipping costs. I looked at my cat and told him […]

Dog Gone-it

For many people their dogs are their family. So why wouldn’t we want to treat them to the best in life? This blog is about all the best places to take your furry friend in and around Grand Rapids. Living downtown, not all of us have the luxury of a big yard for our dogs to […]

More Discounts Please!

  After spending a month’s worth of rent on textbooks for this semester, I got to thinking about just how expensive college has become. According to collegedata.com, tuition alone can cost anywhere between $9,139 and $31,231, depending on the college you go to. This doesn’t even include housing, meals, supplies, books, or transportation. Add on […]