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Did you say coffee?

By: Kirsten Mann, Marketing and Communications Intern College students love coffee; there’s no questioning that. We spend long hours studying for exams, waking up early for class, and staying up late at night to work on homework, so when we need a little pick me up, coffee seems to be the simple solution. The only […]

Present Over Perfect

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager So, next week is Spring Break for most of you. If you don’t have anywhere to go this Spring Break, or even if you do, I suggest reading a book for fun. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “I read all the time for class, why would I want […]

Leaving Home for College

I got accepted to Grand Valley State University in the middle of my senior year of high school. It was the only university that I had applied to because it was the only one that I really wanted to attend. My older sister was a junior at GVSU when I was a senior in high […]

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

By: Jared Behrens, General Manager I am a big believer in morning routines.  Having an easily replicated morning routine gets you ready for the day, and gives you a first step in the right direction.  These routines are useful if you are a student, a blue collar worker, if you have an office job, or […]

New Year’s Resolutions!

By: Hannah Peerbolt, Property Manager I personally love the thought of New Year’s Resolutions, filling the beginning of each year with hopeful expectations and dreams of excellence coming soon. Every year I set lofty goals for myself for the upcoming 365 days (lose 15 pounds, exercise every day, win the lottery, buy a popcorn machine, […]

Hello “the best soft sugar cookie recipe ever!”

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager As Christmas slowly approaches, I hope that you and yours have enjoyed preparing for the season. We all know that Christmas isn’t the same without the lights, the trees, the Christmas movies, the presents, and of course, the Christmas cookies! While I normally buy boxes of Christmas cookies from Gordon […]

What Does Your Personality Say About YOU?!

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager As a communications major, I have always been extremely interested in human interaction. I have always been drawn to other’s stories, and to understanding why people do what they do. Perhaps that is also why I decided to take emphasis classes in journalism and minor in psychology. Simply put, people […]

If Only the House Could Talk

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager As many of you know, on October 28, we hosted an open house to showcase the rebirth of 426 Lafayette. While we do hope to rent the home, the purpose of the open house was to also reflect upon the history, cherish the memories of restoring its beauty, and celebrate […]