Have you checked out New Holland Brewing’s The Knickerbocker yet? #beercityusa

By: Danielle Miller, Marketing Manager

Here in Grand Rapids, we truly take pride in our historic districts, in our colleges, in our art, in our local eateries, and in our BEER. There is a reason why we are known as Beer City USA. In fact, according to Experience Grand Rapids, we were voted Beer City USA in national polls, and Best Beer Town and Best Beer Scene by USA TODAY. Grand Rapids is home to 40+ breweries, with the newest being New Holland Brewing’s The Knickerbocker. 

The Knickerbocker is located at 417 Bridge St. NW, and it is a MUST SEE. You really can’t miss it; the building is truly a work of art. It boasts a rustic, modern feel, that markets itself with ease. With the grand opening last week, we made a point to check out Grand Rapid’s new hot spot with a couple members of our staff here at American Realty. The minute we pulled up, we all reached for our phones to snag a few photos simply because we knew “if it looks this great outside, the inside must be amazing as well.” It certainly did not disappoint.


This photo was taken when we first walked in. My eye automatically shifted to the lighting and the sign “Stop and Taste.” This photo captures the rustic, modern feel that they so easily achieved. img_3486

As this photo shows, not only was there seating downstairs, but there is an additional second level as well. The new brewery is brilliant in size and craftsmanship. Even with the busyness of the grand opening, it offers a peaceful atmosphere and plenty of seating. img_3491

Outdoor seating is always an additional treat, and the Knickerbocker offers plenty of it! When I visit next time, I am going to make a point to sit out here!img_3496

Bar, sports, good company. Nough’ said. img_3495

Check out the beautiful kitchen. Again, the Knickerbocker boasts a modern, clean atmosphere.img_3492
And as you can see, the place was absolutely packed! Even still, the acoustics, fortunately, were amazing!  One could easily assume that with so many people, The Knickerbocker would be extremely loud. Our staff, however, was able to carry on conversation quite easily.

The awesome lighting, spacious atmosphere, and friendly staff made quite the impression. But, let’s not forget about the food and beer! I am no food critic, but my black bean burger was very tasty, and the beer, again, proved that Grand Rapids deserves the title of “Beer City USA.” Don’t just take my word for it though. Make sure to grab a few friends, share a few laughs and brews, and “stop and taste” all that The Knickerbocker has to offer here in #beercityusa.

For more details, check out their lunch and dinner menus!