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This $35 application will be judged on the following criteria. Credit report, applicant income, criminal record, landlord references, and previous evictions. The information provided will be verified and underwritten by American Realty Property Management.

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Property management is a service provided for property owners where a management company manages all facets of the property; from leasing, to rent collection, to payment distribution, maintenance issues, and tenant issues.

Our company does not own the houses we manage; we were hired to do a service for the property owner to act as the property manager.

At this time, we do not inventory houses that are available as a rent to own option.

Each house is different and each property owner has the discretion to allow pets or not.

You can always reach out to our office by calling the main line or emailing the general inbox; You will be directed to the appropriate person and they will be able to assist you.

Follow the link on our website or go directly to and log in with your username and password and submit a Maintenance Request on there.

You can fill out the form on our website located under the Owners tab. (I don’t remember where we are putting this.. we may need to correct the location..) or you can email/call our office at any time.

It’s a mixture of both! We have an in-house maintenance team but we utilize a handful of outside vendors for other services.

You have access to your live portal 24/7. Your Owner Portal can be accessed by selecting the login at the top of the screen. You will have access to an array of reports pertaining to your properties.

Each member of our team has a special role in our company’s structure and success. Our dedicated team members are in positions which best fit their skillset. This allows us to better serve our clients and customers. It takes a team to run a successful property management company, and we strive to be leaders in the industry.

No, you only have to pay a prorated amount, which will be half of your normal rental payment.

No there is not. We welcome all breads at our properties.

Yes, you may get a tenant replacement. You are responsible for finding your own replacement, but once you do please contact our office for more details.

Yes. Please call the office, and we will be able to send someone out to your property to do that for you. The cost is $50 per code change, unless you just recently had a tenant replacement at your property.

No. The City of Grand Rapids only allows for 4 unrelated people to be on a lease. Even if the home you are wanting to rent has 5 bedrooms, it does not mean we are allowed to rent it out to 5 people. If you are related, please let the city know, and then provide us with that information.

Follow the link on our website or go directly to and log in with your username and password and submit a Maintenance Request on there. Please give as much detail as you can in the request.

Security deposits are not to be used instead of payment of rent, since the purpose of a security deposit is to pay for any damage caused by the tenant or their guests. If you do not pay any rent, including the last month you are in the unit, you will be subject to eviction proceedings.

Rent is due on the 1st of the month, unless the 1st is a holiday. It would be then the next business day. If it is not paid on time, you will receive a $50 late fee on your account for the month that you are late.

Please provide a written note from your doctor. Once we receive that we will provide you with a Pet Agreement Form to be filled out and handed back in. This is an agreement with the roommates to have the animal in the home. The fee will then also be waived.

No. The security deposit that you place is for when you move out of the property. You will still need to pay first month’s rent when you move into the property, as this will not be part of that payment.

No. Section 28 of your lease states:

Renovations and Remodeling. Tenant agrees not to make any repairs or alterations to the Premises, including repainting, remodeling, driving nails in woodwork or walls, using any adhesive items on walls, without written consent of the Landlord. The Landlord will not pay for remodeling, decorating, or any work of this kind contracted by Tenant, unless authorized in writing prior to the beginning of any renovation or remodeling. The Tenant further agrees not to remove any furnishings, fixtures, or appliances without written consent of the Landlord.


American Realty Property Management
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Patrick Bumbalough
Patrick Bumbalough
19:17 15 Jun 20
We had some issues with ants which they tried to address, but never resolved, and told us it wasn’t apparently an infestation so they couldn’t call in anyone. They were prompt to respond to an issue with our kitchen sink leaking. They helped us beg the landlord to fix the central air unit sitting right outside the living room window (the landlord did not, but I understand this is outside American Realty’s control). I was extremely uncomfortable with the pressure to sign or move. We... moved in June 1st and come September 29th they began showing the apartment. We had seen it in January, so I had made the improper assumption they would hold off until then. Two groups walked through in about 3 weeks time. Once one of the groups had put in their good-faith deposit (ours was half rent, $1000) we were then given just one week to either agree to resign, and pay subsequent fees for changes to the lease at that time, or to simply ignore the offer and they will let the lease terminate per usual. The fees are as follows:Door code change $50Shortening lease $150 Extend lease $150Add tenant to lease $150Remove tenant from lease $150 Replace a tenant $200 (These are, of course, optional)Cleaning fees vary from $375-675 depending on bedroom count. The cleaning fee is paid up front before you move in, and intended to be used for cleaning services upon your exit. Ours was $475, and the “professional cleaning” was abysmal, we scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom ourselves after we moved in. I was hardly pleased to have paid a ridiculous fee for mopped floors and a wipe down of the countertops. Strangely, they charge $65 each for “Kitchen Blind-1 Broken,” and “2 Broken Blinds-NW Bed 1.” I guess I was wrong when I thought they were the worst blinds I had ever used, and they are in fact the greatest blinds ever made.All in all I had a worse time with York Creek’s (mostly dysfunctional) property management team Land & Co, but at least they didn’t charge me $195 for 3 sets of blinds. If none of this bothers you then by all means rent from American Realty, they have a nice tenant portal for submitting maintenance requests and offer instant transfer (albeit with a small fee of $2.95). The staff was always kind to me more
Megan MH
Megan MH
21:55 08 Jun 20
Garbage. Never do their jobs. Constistent miscommunication. Then they make excuses like "well we have 400+ properties." Well that isn't my problem, but my rental is your problem so do your jobs and quit making excuses! I would give zero stars if I could. Also they entice their tenants to leave 5 star reviews in order to win something or get free stuff!!! So I wouldn't believe a?single 5 star review!
Lane Wells
Lane Wells
18:07 31 Jan 20
I have leased with American Realty for four years now and have enjoyed the time doing so. Their maintenance staff will always call me directly and ask what the issue is and their in office staff was very helpful with navigating me how to add new roommates to my existing lease. If you are a college student in the area this is the ideal property management company to go through.
Stacey Hongsyvilay-Thayer
Stacey Hongsyvilay-Thayer
17:25 31 Jan 20
We've had our lease with American-Realty for less than a year and have felt taken care of. They're great and quick to answer maintenance requests, e-mails and are polite. Would recommend renting through them to others.
Allie LaLone
Allie LaLone
17:14 31 Jan 20
Second year living with American realty and loving it! Quick to respond to maintenance calls. The staff is friendly and lively! Our house has been toured quite a bit this year since it’s hot on the market and we look forward to seeing the realtors because we have gained such a great relationship with them. Have recommended to many people and now it seems everyone rents through American realty!
Sidney Olejniczak
Sidney Olejniczak
17:08 31 Jan 20
Living for American Realty has been awesome! They are easy to contact and maintenance is extremely quick. The online portal makes it super easy to pay your rent and put in maintenance requests. I’d suggest American Realty to anyone that asked where to rent in Grand Rapids!
Ethan Hodgman
Ethan Hodgman
17:01 31 Jan 20
We’ve been in the same house for two years now and signed in for a third. Basically, we love it. We’ve never had any issues with the office and they’ve always been very polite and understanding. Maintenance is always here within 24 hours to fix any problems we’ve had.
Gina Cellentani
Gina Cellentani
18:32 27 Jan 20
I've lived under American Realty Management for 2 years now. I find their response times to be satisfactory, service repairs timely, and payment systems easy. No property management group is perfect, but I've had a very good experience with American Realty and would recommend them to others.
Vance Simmons
Vance Simmons
16:49 13 Jan 20
We have been living in our apartment for a few months now. From the start, everyone at American Realty has been fantastic! Allison has handled everything promptly with a smile on her face! I would highly recommend renting through this company. Thank you for everything and we look forward to the next year in our apartmen .
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